In a spirit of sharing, we decided to transmit our love of art to the children of the Rebuffel school in Mougins.
We presented our collaborative project to them and were thrilled to participate in the creation of our common work.
They are going to write down what environmental protection reminds them of.
David Onen will make drawings which Sabine Alienor will engrave on bronze.

At the same time, they learn to work bronze. Sabine Alienor makes them make pendants which they will give to their mom for Mother’s Day.

Presentation of the artwork

The sculptural work that we are preparing is a work focused on symbols, a collaborative creation.
In addition to the artist-craftsman dialogue, the work takes on its full meaning thanks to the involvement of several generations of Mouginois.


With our artistic collaboration (tables and sculptures) we have decided to challenge ourselves: participation in a contest which encourages the cross between the craftsman’s know-how and the imagination of the visual artist and rewards a work illustrating exceptional know-how and the richness of this collaboration.

We will put forward our research and our collaborative work here.